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Training a dog to walk nicely on a lead

February 18, 2018

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Different ways of having fun in the dog park

October 17, 2017

We all love to walk our dogs, we all love having fun with our dogs and we all love just generally being around our dogs, and why shouldn't we? After all they are great animals and only deserve the best right? So why not make sure that you are giving them the best on their walks!


Don't just go to the park and throw a ball or frisbee non-stop! Firstly this isn't healthy for them mentally, it can result in dogs becoming obsessed with said items and then tearing them away can become stressful, so it is important to have a good balance. 


Getting your dogs completely over excited and crazy isn't always the best way to have fun, imagine your dog is completely wild on a walk, you continue to relentlessly get it excited and over the top, then when you bring him home, he struggles to settle and he gets on your nerves! Why aren't you tired? You have had a good run? Well it is simply because his adrenaline levels have gone over the top and he is feeling 'wired'


Why not mix it up instead? Perhaps have a game of tuggy, a short game of throwing a ball/frisbee (NEVER EVER A STICK!!) and then perhaps calm it down a bit, by throwing some treats into some grass and getting them to sniff it out, or practising some training, such as basic cues or a bit of impulse control.


What about letting your dog sniff and instead of you leading the way, let him lead the way of the walk instead (within reason of safety of course). 


Remember be creative, keep it fun and don't let the excitement get too much!




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