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October 2, 2017

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Training a dog to walk nicely on a lead

February 18, 2018

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Letting dogs be dogs

October 2, 2017

 If your reading this, then you either have a pet dog, work with dogs or just have a love of dogs, so whatever your reason for being here, it is safe to say we all agree that dogs are great!!


They often make us laugh, they make great listeners, they are wonderful at healing broken hearts, they keep us fit, both mentally and physically, they protect us and are yet so gentle.


However, as a dog trainer and an owner of 3 nutty dogs, I can also relate to the frustrations they can often bring, your dog is usually great at recall, he gets walking on a loose lead and to be honest there isn't much your dog does that disappoints you, but every now and again, there are days where you feel like your dog has been abducted and replaced with a dog you don't know! He runs off, plays rough, pulls on the lead and jumps up! Hang on a second, what happened to that loveable well trained hound?  Well he is a dog, like us he has days where he might be feeling slightly under pressure, over aroused, over tired, the list goes on and it is so important that we don't forget they aren't robots and they are an animal.


It is important they have days where they are allowed to dig up in your garden, run around like a complete nutter and be over excited to get to the park. It is good to let them express themselves, if trained in the right way, they can behave in all these ways and still be able to suit you? I love the easy going approach to how my dogs behave, I don't constantly tell them what they can't do, I change it to give them something they can do instead, that is equally fun for them, but doesn't make me get upset or feel deflated. The bond between me and my dogs, is one of my most, if not my most important relationship and it is up to me to make sure they are safe, happy and healthy, both mentally, emotionally and physically. 


Your dog doesn't like coming back to you? well make it worth his while to come back to you and stay around you


He pulls on the lead, let's reward him for being by our side.


He trashes your lawn, digs up your flowers and no matter how much you shout, he still does it? Give him an area where he is allowed to dig, hide toys, treats and he will soon learn this area is fun to dig and the rest of your garden stays safe and he still has fun.


Dogs give us so much, it is about time we started making their lives as fantastic as they make ours.


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