Dog walking

Walks include:

  • Learning to be calm on a walk

  • Encourage your dog to sniff and really explore their surroundings

  • Have the chance to have an appropriate amount of physical exercise

  • Socialise with other dogs, or walk alone 

  • Work to improve on existing skills

  • Chance to teach owner how to handle and train their dog on a walk

  • ...And so much more

Walks can be arranged with you being present or without you such as when you are at work. It depends on your requirements. 

Prices vary depending on what you need:

Our dog walking, involves games, practice to walk on a nice lead, recall fun and scent games during the time booked. So they get both mental and physical exercise:

£14 for one hour, £3 per extra dog after the first dog.

£130 for 10 walks (as and when required)

£10 for 30minutes, £3 per extra dog after the first dog

£90 for 10 walks (when required)

£20 for a training walk with Owner (the owner has to at least attend the first walk)

£160 for 10 1hour training walks