Kind Paws Canine Training and Behaviour

"Being kind isn't just one way, it's the only way"

Our Aims

 We work closely with clients to ensure that customers are getting the best out of our services to ensure they overcome the issues they are having with their dogs training and behaviour. Kind paws operates with ethical values, promoting reward based training and behaviour, kind methods are a solid way of building confidence and maintaining strong relationships between dog and owner thus ensuring the bond between dog and owner is trusting and valued.

How can we help you

These workshops include puppy parties, recall and loose lead walking workshops

We offer dog walking adventures in which your dog will have both mental and physical exercise will you are out

One to one sessions for more help with individual training needs

Choosing us because we get results in the kindest way

We love dogs, and we know you love your dog too (or you wouldn't be here, on this site). We have a passion for building relationships between owner and dog by enjoying each others company. 

We enjoy training dogs, we enjoy helping owners to understand their dogs and getting them to love training too. 

Ultimately we want you and your dog to live long, happy lives together and we give you the knowledge and the skills to be able to do just that.

Kind paws wants you, as the owner to get the best out of our sessions, we always aim to give you the skills to continue training with your dog. We endeavour to fulfil client satisfaction and beyond, we make sure you have the confidence to understand your dog and continue building on the bond you have and ultimately we aim to resolve the issues you are having with your canine.

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Hey there, I'm Laura...

Kind paws training and behaviour is a professional service offered by qualified individual Laura Morgan I.S.A.P. with more than 15 years professional experience working within the domestic pet industry and accredited with the leading industry standards. A higher diploma in canine behaviour and psychology, diplomas and qualifications in animal care, puppy training and canine management. Full member of APDT (Association of pet dog trainers) and full member of PACT-Dogs training (Professional association of canine trainers) also currently undertaking an advanced diploma in canine behaviour management. Laura is also a full member of ISAP (International society of animal professionals) and a registered animal trainer with the ABTC (animal behaviour and training council) . Always keeping up to date with continued professional Development. New scientific studies are being developed and researched all the time. It is for this reason that Kind paws also continue to attend regular Workshops, seminars and conferences so the latest research and methods with experts can be used to help our clients.